“I recently purchased the OtoLens (Sound Lens) hearing aids and I am so happy with them. My hearing is greatly improved, and they are so easy to insert and completely invisible in my ears. They have been so caring and helpful. I highly recommend OtoLens and Grand Island Hearing Aid Center!”


“The products that I have received from the Grand Island Hearing Aid Center have worked great and done what they are suppose to do. The service was good and I know that should I have any problems or issue in the future, they will get me right in and make sure that I am taken care of. I would recommend going to them today!”

~ Chris

“I am real happy with their service. I had my hearing aids for 15 years.”

~Ted, Comstock, NE

“We are pleased with the pleasant help we get from Roxann at the Grand Island Hearing Aid Center. So when you need help with your hearing problems, be sure and call 308-382-9169.”

~Evera, retired

“I have had my hearing aid devices for nearly two years. The professionalism by Grand Island Hearing Aid is excellent. “

~Jim, St. Paul, NE

“I am very happy with their service.”

~Eldon, Fairbury, NE

“Both Roxann and Camerson were truly awesome to work with! They spent a lot of time with me making sure that my aids worked and fit perfectly before I left. I am completely satisfied with their great service and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs hearing aids”

~Joanne, satisfied customer

“Real satisfied. They do a good job of service. I have had, at different times, go back in and have adjustments made. They always get me right in and take good care of me.”

~ Ray, Grand Island, NE