Hearing Assessment

Take our simple hearing assessment to determine if you might benefit from visiting us. Only a hearing professional can help you determine the severity of your hearing loss, whether you could benefit from hearing instruments, and which type would be best for you.

1. Please indicate if you agree or disagree with the following statements

Strongly Disagree = 0 pt. Disagree = 1 pt. Neutral = 2 pt. Agree = 3 pt. Strongly Agree = 4 pt.



0-15 You have Good hearing, Stay with regular check ups and wear ear protection.

16-30 You are starting to experience some hearing loss. Continue with ear protection

31-45 You are having some difficulty and are straining to hear. Make an appointment to have more tests scheduled at GI Hearingaid Center.

46-60 You may be experiencing extensive communication difficulty and would benefit from a hearing solution. Contact us today to get appropriate treatment and prevent further damage.